Kite cruise

The services available on board a kitesurfing charter

Today, a kite cruise can offer many variables in terms of services, with highly diversied additional activities: surely kitesurfing is the main topic, yet, just like any other boat charter, there are different type of services provided aboard as well as a wide range of options that can be included.

A kitesurfing boat trip always includes some sailing yet some may long for true sailing experience with a qualified sailing instructor able to certify them, just like others may simply want a boat and a skipper with local knowledge to go kiteboarding along the islands in an adventurous and roots way, while some may actually want to pamper themselves with an all inclusive kitesurfing vacation, including cook, full provisioning and the lot!

Anything is possible, it is all up to what riders are after and their budget.

Find below more explanation about what each service or option includes. You can then specify your search (when entering your criterias here on the left) by selecting your preferred service in the "kitecruise category".

Frequently Asked Questions about kitesurfing cruises

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Kitesurfing cruises for advanced riders as well as newbies

beginnerA kite cruise for beginners can accommodate newbies to the sport, willing to learn along a Caribbean cruise.



jumpA kite cruise for experienced riders is dedicated to kiteboarders needing less -if no- supervision, allowing the cruise itinerary to include more kitesurfing spots, on more advanced sites (waves, downwinders).


Kitesurfing cruises for single riders or couples

cabin-cruiseA kite cruise by the cabin offers cabin on board -rather than the whole boat for sale-, allowing single or couples to join a kitesurfing boat trip.


Kitesurfing and more

trans-caribbeanA Trans-Caribbean kite cruise sails by different islands and has the particularity to end at a different port than the one of departure (unlike regular itineraries which always return where they started from).


KITESURFING CHARTERA Special event kite Cruise is built around a particular event on a Caribbean Island, kitesurfing related or not.



BOAT-CHARTER-kiteA sail and kite cruise will allow kitesurfers to have a proper sailing training along their kitesurfing cruise. Various options are offered in that field.


surfariA surf and kite cruise is water sport dedicated and can offer surf board rental as well as surfing instruction along with the kitesurfing trip.


KITE-AND-supA SUP and kite cruise includes stand up paddle boards which can be used at any time by the guests.



parasailing copyA paragliding and kite cruise includes parasailing access facility for the one willing to try as well as the certfied ones willing to fly.


divingA dive and kite cruise includes scuba diving along the kitesurfing sessions, offering either an equipped boat or arrangments with local diving schools.


Services suited to all the budgets and expectations

boat-and-skipperA kite cruise boat and skipper only is the basic of any kite cruise, including the very minimum: the vessel and the Man at the helm.


boat provisioningA kite cruise with provisioning included is the most common and practical service available.



cookA kite cruise with hostess/cook allows you not to have to worry about a thing during the entire cruise.

 An all-inclusive kite cruise includes all expenses aside from airfare: boat, skipper, provisioning, sometimes airport transfers and some announced activities (possibly including kitesurfing lessons) are included in the price. Kite cruises including provisioning, hostess as well as high end cruises are all inclusive.

high-endhigh end kite cruise is not only all inclusive, it features high end services such as Chef or luxury cabins or Video Filming included.