emflying"The first day I saw Em, she was some 25 feet up in the air, flying like a bird -and graceful as a cat. As the developper a kitesurfing website, I had to find out who she was.
From the moment I approached her on the beach, back in 2008 in St Maarten, Em and I became the greatest friends.
Em is a go-getter with a bubbly personality, dotted with a highly contagious energy, a cheeky smile and on top of being an incredible rider and instructor, she's also a talented artist.
Em is in love with life and probably among the most qualified and experienced people running kitesurfing cruises in the Caribbean today.
You go girl! "

Tal Navarro (Kitesurfari Sxm’s friend, owner of www.tropical-paradise-kitesurfing.com)


"May-June 2010 in Guadeloupe. Absolutely fantastic time!
Em was amazing: she has an incredible depth of local knowledge, freaking weather sense and full of kiting knowledge and tips! Would definitely be the first place I come back to.”

Darren palmer (Kitesurfari Sxm guest)


“ Doing a portrait of Em ? In a few words: passionate, sporty, dearly human and sensitive, upfront, smiling, technical, adventurous, reporter, listening to others –unless they’re idiots-….
Thinking about it, I could also say incredibly messy, with a hazardous sense of fashion and living on another planet… but a planet that’s so enjoyable to share we wouldn’t want it any other way….”

Captain Vincent (Kitesurfari Sxm’s partner)

"Emilie is adorable.
I've been working with her on her Kitesurfari Sxm's project from the start and she's probably the only client I've worked within 10 years who's been able to comprehend – in a matter of weeks- the language, the codes and all the other issues Web developers come across.


It’s been great fun to be part of adventure.
She’s passionate (she got me hooked on her project more than anyone ever did), perfectionist (she knows what she wants) with style.
When I submitted my feedback, she questioned my “adorable” -she thought “pain in the arse” would have been more appropriate... but as I’ve explained to her, both aren’t incompatible!”

Julien Mayeux (Kitesurfari Sxm’s web developer)

And finally, some boring facts:
Em is involved in the kitesurfing industry since 2004 and has worked all over the world (Philippines, Egypt, Fiji, Australia...).
She's experienced almost every possible field in the industry.
Kitesurfing instructor to start with, school manager, shop manager, she's worked in wholesale, retail, she's helped setting up various businesses.

 EMOZQualified sailor, she finally decided to live her dream in the Caribbean, when she set up her kitesurfing cruise company in 2008.

You will find out all the details on how and why she eventually created Kitesurfari Sxm network in the "about the network" page.