To book a Cruise in our database

If you're interested in one of the cruises in our database (found via the search engine available here on the left), simply click on "Contact the skipper" to enquire. This will put you DIRECTLY in touch with the skipper of the cruise.

Fill in the contact form making sure your email address is entered properly: you will get a reply from the Captain in a matter of days, confirming the cruise availability, its itinerary, the available features, dates, prices & options.

If you are not sure how to enter your search criterias, or how the search engine "thinks", simply click on the [?] next to each field to get further explanation.

FAQ about the website enquiries

How long will it take for me to get a reply after having sent an enquiry?
What happens after I've enquired through the website ?
What should I do if my enquiry isn't processed ?
What should I do if the reply I get doesn't match my expectations ?

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To build your own kitesurfing cruise

Please make sure to run a few searches via the engine on your left here BEFORE sending a custom made cruise enquiry: more often than not, everything that is available kite cruise wise in the Caribbean does show on the website so do give it a few try (possibly changing a few criterias to allow some flexibility shall yours be too restrictive).
Yet if having done so, no result matches your request, you can fill our custom made cruise enquiry form, keeping in mind that no result could simply mean everyone is  already booked at your preferred dates.
No matter what, we will get back to you in a timely matter.

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